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In today’s society the markers of success would appear to be: having an active social life with lots of postings on Facebook and hundreds of followers on Instagram. Having all the up to the minute technological gadgets that allow you to track your heart rate, share your exercise regime with the world and clock the quality of your sleep as well as having a job that is able to fund a lifestyle of holidays and many purchases. The media is powerful in making people feel inadequate and that they should always be striving for more. The image portrayed is that we need approval from others to validate ourselves and to be happy and successful.

In reality, happiness is the ultimate goal we should be striving for. Conversely, if we are happy in ourselves then people will admire us and want to spend time with us. This is a more wholesome and healthy way to achieving happiness and success.

Pause a while

Look around

Be in the moment

Brian Weiss, American author, psychiatrist and hypnotherapist famously states that “happiness comes from within” and this is indeed true. However, in order to achieve this we need to have balance in our lives. In modern society we spend our time thinking and planning. We are so busy rushing from one thing to another that we don’t stop to listen to our bodies and what they are telling us. Our brains are overworking which means that when we want to slow down the pace and relax our brain struggles to do this.

The aim of Balance Body and Mind is to help people balance their body and mind so they are able to slow down, enjoy their surroundings and feel happiness.

Elizabeth nutter