• 30 minutes- £15
  • 60 minutes-£30
  • 10% off when you book a block of three sessions
  • 20 minutes-£10 ideal for children (accompanied by a parent/guardian)

The Reiki precepts

Reiki, pronounced ray kee, originated in Japan and was founded by Usui Mikao around the beginning of the twentieth century. The direct English translation is spiritual energy but it is often referred to as ‘Universal Energy’.

The first character means spiritual the second energy in Japanese kanji.

There is energy in everything for example; when we move our bodies we create energy; humans harness the energy of the sun, water and wind which in turn provides energy for our homes. Ideally the energy that moves through our bodies would be free flowing but, like a stream that gets blocked by stones and debris it move less effectively when worries, anger and regret build up and hinder the flow.

Reiki allows the body to rebalance by clearing the mind and letting the energy move more freely. The practitioner provides the space and opportunity for Reiki to aid the client and allow them to take what they need from the treatment.

A Reiki treatment can take place on a massage bed or chair. The client is fully clothed and comfortable. The practitioner either gently places their hands on the main energy centres of the body (known as the chakras in yoga) or holds them a few centimetres above. It is a gentle, relaxing and non invasive treatment that can help ease stress, anxiety and tension. It aids in balancing and harmonising the body and mind on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Reiki is beneficial to anyone who would like to slow down their lifestyle and be more mindful and in the present. It can help improve sleep quality and deepen relaxation. It is a grounding treatment for children and can help relieve anxiety and tension in a non intrusive way.

“I really like having Reiki, it calms down my mind if I am angry and it helps me sleep.”

Tom aged 11

“During my Reiki treatment Liz made me feel at ease so I was able to let go of any anxiety, panic and tension I was feeling at the time. I left the session feeling so peaceful and relaxed.”


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