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Reflexology- is a general pick me up for the whole body. It releases stress, rebalances the body and mind and improves the quality of sleep. Pressure is applied to the various reflex points on the feet or hands and then massaged to loosen tension found in any areas.

Reflexology- Standard treatment for hands or feet – £25

After an initial consultation feet or hands are cleansed and the reflexology points are massaged for a relaxing treatment. Allow 45 minutes for your treatment.

Classic Reflexology Treatment £30

Hands or feet are soaked, exfoliated and then the reflexology points are massaged with a moisturing medium. A relaxing and nourishing treatment for the skin.

Allow an hour out of your day for the consultation, foot bath with exfoliation and reflexology treatment.

Luxurious Reflexology Treatment– £40

A luxurious and deeply relaxing pamper experience. Perfect after a busy day or when body and mind need to balance and slow down. It is in essence three treatments in one. A perfect treat.

Feet are soaked, then exfoliated with a sugar scrub (or similar) and the reflexology points are massaged. A steam eye mask is placed over the eyes to help release strain, relax eye muscles and enhance the pampering experience. Once the reflexology massage is finished a paraffin foot treatment is applied to the feet. This is relaxing, nourishing for the skin, aids the easing of aches and pains in feet and further boosts circulation.

Whilst the paraffin foot treatment is taking place an Ayurvedic Facial, shoulders, hands and arms massage to relieve tension, moisturise the skin and further enhance relaxation is carried out. A blissful experience.

Allow an hour and a half out of your day for the consultation, foot bath, exfoliation, reflexology treatment, paraffin foot treatment and Ayurvedic Facial, shoulders and hands and arms massage.

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