About ME

Elizabeth Nutter MFHT


VTCT Level 3 Complimentary Therapist



Swedish Massage

Reiki Practitioner

My interest in holistic therapies grew as I became aware of the increasing anxiety and stress levels experienced by people in their everyday lives. I was a main stream secondary school teacher for over twenty years and in that time I saw a dramatic increase in the anxiety levels of students, particularly in their exam years. Researching and working through my own anxiety issues showed me the importance of maintaining a balance between the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our being. If we spend too much time in one element then there is an imbalance that can result in physical and mental ailments. I founded Balance Body and Mind to help others who want to rebalance and live more fulfilled lives.

When body and mind

are balanced

True harmony and happiness

are found

elizabeth Nutter

When I created Balance Body and Mind I was very aware of my carbon footprint and I wanted to create products that were/ are as sustainable as possible. I have tried to achieve this in the following ways…

By using Fair trade and Organic base products. I source my Shea Butter and Coconut Oil from organic and fair trade suppliers. My essential oils are 100% pure and from reputable companies. I try to use as little plastic as possible. My products are packaged in glass or tin and can be reused. Any packaging for postage uses recycled material and the products are protected by recycled products. I also offer a refill service using the original product packaging for 10% less than the original price.

Finally, I never knowingly use Palm Oil in my products. I research the ingredients I use and ensure palm oil in its many guises is not included.

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