Aromatherapy Consultation Online

Aromatherapy Consultation Online – £20

The Aromatherapy consultation includes online consultation, two products with bespoke oil blend, an information sheet on the oils selected and postage and packaging.

Self care is an important aspect of keeping healthy. Sleep, exercise and healthy eating are well known factors that can contribute to a healthy immune system. However, equally important but perhaps less well known, reducing stress levels in your body is also crucial to enabling a well functioning immune system.

Reflexology and massage are effective at lowering stress levels by allowing the body to relax so the nervous system can work effectively to keep the body balanced and working efficiently. Living during a period of long term stress floods the body with cortisols (steroid hormones) to protect the body from stress but it also depresses the immune system.

Essential oils are the chemical compounds of plants, in other words hormones, that can work with and aid the human body. They do this in two ways: through absorption into the blood stream through the skin and by inhalation to enter the limbic system (the area of the brain that influences emotions, behaviours and memories).

At a time when we are wanting our immune systems to be functioning efficiently but when we are under constant stress from reacting to a global pandemic, self care is of utmost importance. Visiting a complimentary therapist may be out of the question but an Aromatherapy Online Consultation could be the solution to improve your emotional and mental well being.

So what does an online aromatherapy consultation entail? After an online consultation where the client’s mental, physical and emotional well being is taken into account, I will select a blend of pure essential oils to complement their particular requirements. This blend will be added to nourishing shea butter to make a moisture bar that can be massaged into the skin. I will also supply a blend of the oils to use in an oil burner or vaporiser or to use in the bath. Therefore the client can enjoy the benefits of the oils at home in the knowledge that whilst paying attention to their self care they are also boosting their immune system at the same time.

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