Indian Head Massage

  • £25 – 40 minutes with an essential oil blend
  • £15 – 20 minutes express treatment (without oil)

As its name suggests, this form of massage originated in India and is still a part of life there today. The skills are passed down from generation to generation and families massage each other simultaneously.

Barbers, after cutting hair, would offer “Champi” – a head massage- as part of the service. Our word “shampoo” originates from this and literally translates to hair massage in Hindi.

Traditionally, an Indian Head Massage concentrated on the head and hair, however as it was introduced to the West adaptations have been made. Lifestyles in the West appear to generate tension in the shoulders, neck and face so these areas have been incorporated into the modern Indian Head Massage treatment.

There are many benefits to an Indian Head Massage treatment. It can relieve muscle tension in the head, neck, upper back and shoulders. It can ease tension headaches and eye strain as well as helping boost the blood supply to the scalp and face promoting healthier looking skin. It can also help relieve emotional stress, anxiety and depression in addition to promoting deep relaxation and better quality sleep.

So an Indian Head Massage is the perfect treatment to have on a Friday to relax, unwind and release the stresses of the week.

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