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Pillow Spray

Do you long for good quality sleep? To sleep the night through undisturbed? Have you ever considered drifting away blanketed by the beautiful soothing and relaxing aromas of essential oils?

This Pillow Spray contains a soothing blend of relaxing lavender and calming ylang ylang essential oils to encourage a tranquil atmosphere and peaceful sleep. Spray onto your pillow as part of your bedtime routine to help balance and calm body and mind.

Pillow Spray 30ml £6 refills 10% less

Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Unleash your inner Queen Cleopatra and bathe in natural and nourishing Himalayan Pink Bath Salts with Essential Oil Blends and delicate dried rose petals. Choose from: uplifting lemon and relaxing geranium to rebalance and unwind at the end of the day. Warming marjoram and soothing rosemary as a Muscle Soak to ease aches and pains or calming ylang ylang and relaxing lavender to help you drift into a deep Sleep.

Gift Sets

Are you looking to give a scentsational treat to someone special?

For £11 you will receive a soothing and relaxing pillow spray with an essential oil blend of lavender and ylang ylang and a 300g jar or bag with Himalayan pink salts with a relaxing, stress or muscular relieving blend of essential oils. Salt scoop included.

Lavender de-stress kit – introductory offer £6

Are you fed up with having aching shoulders or a stiff neck? Say goodbye to them both with this lavender de-stress kit. Heat the lavender rice bag in the microwave and allow the warmth and lavender essential oil aroma to soothe and relax. Use the pure lavender essential oil to freshen up the scent when it fades.

Do you suffer from headaches? Put the lavender rice bag in the fridge and then place it on your forehead allowing the lavender to work its magic and the coolness to soothe. Your headache will ease in no time!

Relax Pamper Pack- £12

Beautiful aromas fragrance the room as you open the box on these delights. A soothing and relaxing pillow spray blended with Lavender and Ylang Ylang is accompanied by a calming, prettily packaged comforting lavender rice bag that helps to ease aches and pains and a bath salts sachet blended with essential oils selected to suit your needs. Treat yourself, you are worth it…

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