The Old Ways Are the Best

Cleopatra, a strong female role model and the first female pharaoh, was powerful, influential and successful. How did she achieve all this and remain balanced and beautiful? She followed a regular ritual of washing away the irritations, stresses and strains of the day by bathing in milk, honey and essential oils.

Taking inspiration from Cleopatra, it would be beneficial to regularly bathe with essential oils to soothe and unwind. Different blends of essential oils have different healing properties and can ease a range of imbalances created by modern lifestyles.

Whilst milk has many therapeutic properties and is nourishing for the skin, Himalayan pink salt is equally as beneficial in its own way. There are 84 minerals and trace elements in Himalayan Salt that are helpful for the body. Soaking in the beautiful pink salts will soothe and soften the skin. When specific essential oils are blended with this the therapeutic properties are increased.

I have created a range of bath salts with different blends to accommodate different needs.

Relaxation: The relaxation blend allows you to lie back, soak and forget the day. The essential oil blend of lavender and geranium is calming and balancing to body and mind. The beautiful aroma is relaxing and helps prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

Soak Away Stress: feeling stressed? Are you experiencing a prolonged period of stress, anxiety or both? If so, Pink Himalayan Salts with a Ylang Ylang and Bergamot essential oil blend maybe your answer. Ylang Ylang is calming and relaxing, acting as a sedative to the nervous system. Bergamot is uplifting and balancing to the nervous system, easing tension, anxiety and stress.

Soothing Muscle Soak: Is hunching over a desk all day or having to constantly check your phone creating aching shoulders and a stiff neck. Is the cold tensing your muscles so they hurt? Soak away muscular aches and pains in a soothing rosemary and marjoram salt bath. Rosemary stimulates the circulation allowing an increase of blood flow to aching muscles. Marjoram is warming and comforting for tired, painful muscles. Warning: not to be used during pregnancy or for those with high blood pressure or susceptible to epileptic fits.

Sleep Easy: having trouble sleeping? Soaking after a long day in a beautifully scented ylang ylang and lavender bath will help. Ylang ylang encourages slower breathing and has sedative properties to relax the body and calm it down ready for a good night’s sleep. Lavender is calming, balancing and relaxing

So unleash your inner Cleopatra and invest in relaxing, quality time just for you.

300g Himalayan Salts with one of the above blends and salt scoop £9 (P&P included). Lavender or rosemary petals can be added to the salt for no extra cost, please request when ordering.

3x 100g Himalayan Salts with a selection from the above blends plus salt scoop and lavender or rosemary petals if desired. £12 (P&P included)

Email me or fill in the contact page on my website if you wish to make a purchase.

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