How do you balance your body and mind?

Now that lockdown seems a dim and distant memory to most people it would appear that the tempo of our lives has once again increased. In the first lockdown there was little we could do but go for our once a day walk. This daily “at one with nature experience” was a “be in the moment” time of the day that definitely helped with the anxieties of living in a global pandemic. Now, with freedom on our hands once again, how often are we embracing and appreciating the little things in life and spending time in nature?

Since lockdown release I have been aware of rushing around, a lack of time for self-care and an increasing difficulty with winding down at night. Despite all my promises through lockdown to keep life simpler, I have gone back to my old ways. Seemingly on a mission to cram as much as is humanly possible into one day, without doing anything wholesome for my body and mind.

Last week I decided that everyday I would spend time in my day consciously balancing my body and mind. On Monday, I spent time in the garden and weeded an overgrown border. It felt great to be moving and stretching my body instead of hunching over a screen. It also felt rewarding to have achieved instant success.

On Tuesday I did a Pilates class and, whilst it was challenging- I certainly knew where my tummy muscles were on Wednesday, it felt good stretching my body. It was a new concept to be spending my time concentrating on keeping my shoulders down and feet flexed. There was no room for distracting thoughts, my mind was getting a rest!

On Wednesday I went for a beautiful evening walk. Instead of looking down at where I was walking and thinking back over the day, I looked around me. My vigilance was rewarded by seeing two hares, a curlew hiding in the grasses and a bird of prey swooping overhead. If I hadn’t been on a conscious mission to balance my body and mind the chances are I would have been so wrapped up in my own thoughts and missed them. An even bigger bonus was that I slept well that night.

On Thursday I had coffee and a catch-up with a friend which was relaxing and good to have a light hearted laugh. On Friday I had a massage as a change to giving relaxing treatments. It felt very luxurious. In a similar vein on Saturday I did a facial on myself and was amazed at the instant improvement in the appearance of my skin. Today I have put on a foot mask and curled up with a good book.

So, has spending time each day balancing my body and mind been beneficial? I have had a week that has seemed calmer and less rushed, even though at times it has been as busy as ever. I have been less irritated, feel like I have laughed more and definitely slept better.

There’s certainly a need to balance body and mind daily. What rebalancing activities would you suggest?

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