Trapped and Anxious

So I am currently on day 6 of having Covid and still testing positive. I am therefore unable to be free to go about my daily life. At first I was too exhausted to care but now I am better and the sun is shining I am finding I am becoming consumed by my thoughts.

My anxiety levels have reached an all time high and the techniques I would usually apply to try to reduce them either don’t help or I can’t engage with them.

What to do? Well… what about a barefoot walk? It will get me out to enjoy the sunshine and away from my thoughts. Hopefully a grounding experience?

Reflexology in motion

The result? I feel much better now. More grounded and my mind is calmer and slower. It’s hard to be consumed by thoughts and easy to be in the moment when you are walking on cold sharp stones! Another tool for the self help toolbox.

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