Are you ready for Lockdown release?

Free at last…

How are you feeling now that a return to “normal” is looking like a strong possibility? Excitement? Relief? Some trepidation?

For over a year we have maintained a social distance of 2 metres from anybody not in our social bubble and have generally not been in a group of more than 6 people with the exception of weddings and funerals. At first this seemed strange but now watching people hug on films and sit next to each other on public transport seems wrong. Our idea of “normal” has slowly but surely changed and we accept wearing masks as the thing to do when out and about.

When animals are released from captivity back into the wild they stay close to the area where they have lived for many weeks. Slowly they venture a little further each day but always gravitate back to the security of the place they know when they feel threatened. Gradually over time they become more confident and finally strike out on their own without a need to return to the place they lived prior to release.

Will the transition out of Lockdown be simpler to handle than the move into it? Or will we be a little like animals released back into the wild? Over time, many people have become accustomed to being cocooned in their own homes, protected from COVID-19 and the rest of the world by their four walls. So, whilst the four walls at many times may have seemed like a prison trapping us and keeping us alone they have also provided a sense of being a safe haven. When we can venture forth once more our new found freedom may also bring with it feelings of anxiety and vulnerability. This is entirely natural. Psychologically we have endured heightened anxiety due to the perceived persistent threat of COVID-19 and been told we are safer at home. To then be released into the wild again increases our anxiety and confusion because we are suddenly back in the situation that was deemed too dangerous only weeks ago. A sense of fear will be heightened and this may cloud perceptions when people are out and about.

How can we handle this next transition and keep our fears in check? Many people are saying they will continue to wear masks in public when this situation is over because they feel protected. Whether this is true or not, if it helps people to mix in larger groups and feel safer doing so where is the harm? As long as the mask wearers and non-mask wearers respect each other’s choices there is no harm. Showing empathy rather than judgement for decisions made is important here.

The government road map out of Lockdown is slow but sure and hopefully this will enable people to gradually become accustomed to the changing boundaries. The slower it is the more chance people have of still doing the positive aspects that Lockdown brought such as slowing down, getting out into nature on a daily basis and being appreciative of the little things in life.

Children have experienced huge changes in their lives. The excitement felt by many on their return to school highlighted the unusual times we are living in. Until the lockdown, children looked forward to the holidays… The return to school created a stable routine for children but they are still cocooned in bubbles. How will they feel when walking into a whole school assembly? There may be increased anxiety at being in large groups again. This is understandable and children will need to be reassured that their feelings are normal.

The principles of Reiki will be useful guide lines for the weeks ahead.

Do not bear anger: anger is illusion. Do not be worried: fear is distraction. Be true to your way and your being. Have compassion for your self and others.

Following these will enable us to look out for and help each other. We are all in this together, we will all get out of this together.

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