Essential oils to balance body and mind

In a recent blog I looked at happiness and discussed the idea of being in the moment. On reflection, I promised myself I would not resort back to rushing around like a busy fool once we emerged from Lockdown. However, we are now a few weeks into the new normal after the restrictions have eased somewhat and I have, unfortunately, slipped back into my old habits. I am, once again, cramming so much into my days that I am exhausted and my body and mind are out of balance so I am not sleeping well and I am finding it very hard to remain in the moment. My mind is overactive and my body is under active because after rushing here, there and everywhere in the car I don’t feel like doing exercise.

To break this routine and start a new habit I am going to turn to my essential oils to help me rebalance. In focusing on each oil and its beautiful aromas I will be, albeit momentarily at first, in the present. The oils each have different properties so will help me in a variety of ways. My four go to oils for when I am feeling rushed and harangued are, Frankincense, vetivert, lavender and bergamot.

Frankincense, Latin name Boswellia carteri, is the gum resin from the small Frankincense tree. It is commonly used as an incense in India and China and during religious services in the Catholic Church. This is due to the ability of the oil to slow down and deepen the breathing thus alleviating stress and nervous tension and encouraging meditation. It is an excellent oil to use in a vaporiser as it helps deepen the breathing as you inhale the aroma whilst going about your daily activities. Even putting a few drops in warm water helps disperse the aromatic molecules into the room.


Vetiver, Latin name vetiveria zizanoides, is a scented grass and the oil is extracted from its rootlets. The oil has a deep, distinct smoky smell with sweet earthy undertones. Often referred to as the oil of tranquility due to its relaxing and grounding properties, it is invaluable for lowering stress levels and calming and slowing the mind. I find the aroma too overpowering on its own so I blend it with lavender to make a soothing and relaxing scent.


Lavender, Latin – lavandula angustifolia, is probably the most well known of all the essential oils but also the most misjudged. All too often its synthetic equivalent is used in room fragrances and freshening cleaning products. This scent is a poor relation to the pure essential oil but as many don’t realise this they dismiss it as “an old lady smell”! In reality the pure essential oil from French lavender has a classic, light floral fragrance that is soothing, calming and relaxing. It can help ease insomnia, headaches and nervous tension. It blends well with most oils due to its balancing quality. Putting a few drops on your pillow can help you sleep, a few drops on your pulse points can calm the mind and rubbing it into the temples can ease tension and headaches. Lavender is also the only oil that can be applied, undiluted to the skin.

Authentic lavender

Bergamot- Latin: citrus bergamia, is an uplifting, refreshing and reviving essential oil that soothes the mind and balances the body. It is extracted from the peel of the fruit just before it has fully ripened. It can encourage feelings of lightness and happiness and blends well with Frankincense and lavender. Adding a couple of drops of each to hot water or a vaporiser will create a balancing, soothing and calming blend that uplifts the mood.


These four oils are versatile and can be blended all together or used on their own or with just one or two of the oils. Drop them onto a tissue and place on a warm radiator, add a few drops of your selected oils to a bowl of warm water or use in a vaporiser to enjoy the beautiful aromas and benefit from the healing properties.

Experiment, relax and enjoy.

Be in the moment.

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