What exactly is Reflexology?

Do you take care of your feet?

In an lifetime, if a person lives until they are 80, our feet enable us to walk 110000 miles. A huge undertaking but how often do we consider our feet? We just take them for granted. Our cars, on the other hand, are serviced every year or every 12000 miles, whichever is soonest!

In modern life we are using our brains and thinking of a million things every day. There is often an imbalance between the amount of times we are in our bodies compared to the amount of times we are in our heads. When working, particularly from home, we are often so engrossed in our work and therefore don’t notice if we are experiencing discomfort in our bodies from poor posture. As this happens five days a week for a prolonged period of time we are left holding tension in our bodies which makes it even harder to balance body and mind

I recently had a break in beautiful Scotland staying by the sea. It was easier to be in the moment with the sound of the waves on the pebbled shore as a constant companion. I had been reading about “tap shek” a common form of reflexology in China involving walking barefoot on cobbled pathways. As the beach was stony I decided to embrace the practice and do it every day.

Tap Shek Scottish beach style

Reflexology increases the blood circulation around the body, which in turn stimulates the circulatory, nervous and immune systems, it can help lower blood pressure and is immensely relaxing. It is also grounding because your focus is removed from your head to your feet. It is a valuable self-care treatment.

After three days “tap shek”, I noticed I was less tense in my body. I was sleeping better, felt generally calmer and more in the moment. Now, on an evening I am trying to keep up the “tap shek” concept by pressing the pressure points on my feet before going to bed. An option for other people would be to book regular reflexology treatments with me.

£25 per session: 1 hour including initial consultation, a foot soak, exfoliation and reflexology.

Block book 6 treatments for £135 saving 10% of the total cost.

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