Experiences for Christmas?

It’s getting to the time of year when the shops are crammed with Christmas paraphernalia, people are booking their Christmas parties and plans for the big day are being made.

This year is particularly significant because it would appear that it will be the first one where we are “free” again. The constraints of COVID-19 have been lifted and we can spend time with family, friends and loved ones.

However, hopefully we are a little bit older and a lot wiser after our experiences during Lockdowns, bubbles and social distancing. Hopefully we have realised what’s really important in life. Is it necessary to spend money for the sake of it on a gift that will be shoved in a cupboard to be up cycled for a birthday later in the year? Or is it better to give gifts that are personal and thoughtful?

Vouchers for experiences are becoming increasingly popular due to the lasting pleasure they can give. After being separated from loved ones last year a great way to show care and appreciation was to give vouchers. The recipient then had the excitement of choosing what experience to have, the pleasure of looking forward to it and then the endorphin release as they experienced it.

An added bonus is the vouchers often support local businesses that were there for us when times were tough and they are more friendly to the environment than the copious amounts of single use plastic most gifts are boxed in.

So this year, are you going to show you care for your loved ones as well as local business and the environment? I do hope so.

An example of some experiences a voucher can buy.

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