New Year, New You

New year’s resolution anyone?

We’ve waved goodbye to 2021 and now face 2022 with the best intentions to become a new and better version of ourselves. We’ve made our resolutions and today is the day we are ready to put them into action. A great start to a new year. What could possibly go wrong?


Most resolutions are actually negative in nature when you really study them. I was deciding what I should focus on this year and came up with the usual list of; lose weight, worry less and be happier. On closer inspection I realised I was really telling myself I am a fat, miserable worry wart! Not a great way to view myself!

As well as this negative view, I would also be setting myself up for failure. How would these resolutions be achieved? They are unstructured and unwieldy being an idea rather than a plan of action. Therefore, as well as focusing in on my perceived failings, dispiriting in itself, I am also setting myself up for failure because there is no outline for how to achieve this. Not a very positive start to the New Year.

I decided to reconsider my resolutions and try something new. This year, I will be grateful for something in my life everyday. This is a simple, straightforward and easy to achieve resolution with a more positive approach to a new year, new me.

Being thankful for what we have can improve our mental health. It moves our focus from our dissatisfactions towards the positives in our life. The more grateful we feel the less we focus on what we perceive to be wrong in our lives. We get a more balanced perspective. This can make us feel happier which in turn can improve our mental and physical health.

In addition, if I don’t achieve this one day there’s always the next. The pressure on new year’s resolutions implies that once you have slipped in your ambition, usually by the end of January, that’s it until the next new year!How demoralising? The reality is that new year is no different to a new day. We don’t have to wait until December 31st to reinvent ourselves.

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most”


The wise words of Buddha sums this up perfectly and gives us the opportunity to keep revisiting our best intentions if we feel they have slipped.

So it’s a new year, with a new start and today I am feeling grateful for the beauty and magic of the sea.

What are you feeling grateful for?

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